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 Bituminous coal tar pitch can be divided into the main oil and natural asphalt asphalt three types:

First, coal tar pitch: coking coal tar pitch is the product of the pay, that is, after the distillation of tar residue in the distillation kettle black material inside. It is only the physical properties of refined tar there is a difference, no clear boundaries, the division of the general method is provided for in the softening point 26.7 (Li-box method) for the following tar, 26.7 for more than asphalt.  Coal tar pitch volatiles in the main hard containing the anthracene, phenanthrene, pyrene, and so on. Of these substances is toxic, due to the content of these components is different from the nature of coal tar pitch and therefore also different.  Temperature change on the impact of coal tar pitch a lot easier to rattle the winter, summer, easy to soften.  When heated with special odor; heated to 260 in 5 hours later, the amount of anthracene, phenanthrene, pyrene, and other volatile components will be out.

Second, oil Asphalt: Asphalt is the residue after the distillation of crude oil. According to the different levels of refinement, at room temperature into a liquid, semi-solid or solid. Petroleum pitch black and shiny, with a higher temperature susceptibility.  Because it has been in production for more than distillation to 400 , which contains very little volatile components, it is still possible without a volatile hydrocarbon polymer out of these substances on human health is more or less harmful.

Third, natural asphalt: underground storage of natural asphalt, and some form a bed or piled up in the surface of the earth's crust. After most of this bitumen natural evaporation, oxidation, generally do not contain any toxins.

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