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2008, Chinas production of asphalt is about 8.48 million tons, up 880,000 tons to reduce the decline is 9.4%.Chinas Sinopec oil and the output of two groups of about 4.9 million tons, a decline of 3% year-on-year, accounting for 57.8 percent of asphalt production; local refinery production is about 2,010,000 tons, up 25.4 percent decline in the total 23.7% yield.  

Asphalt refinery in 2008 where the substantial decrease in production mainly due to: On the one hand, by the first half of the continuing rise in international crude oil prices of the impact, the local refinery capacity utilization in the overall level of the lowest in recent years, asphalt production in a significant reduction in the same period last year; On the other hand , even though international crude oil prices since the beginning of the end of July down from the high-speed narrow, but the U.S. financial crisis, domestic economic slowdown in the second half of the continuing weak market demand for asphalt, the price is continuing to decline, a serious blow to the local refinery starts production the enthusiasm of asphalt. Overall, the year the local refinery operating rate at a low level, the proportion of asphalt production fell significantly.


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