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Domestic production of modified asphalt outlined in automatic control

1 control system in the Modified Asphalt Production

In order to meet the requirements of modern production, large-scale production to improve product, reduce costs, while the production capacity of the management level and a higher level of competition in the production of modified asphalt is an automatic control for an ideal solution, its a major role in the following three aspects.

1) raise the technological level and stable product quality, improve the utilization of raw materials, energy conservation, lower production costs, reduce labor intensity operators so that operators have more time concerned about the changes in process parameters.

2) strengthen the quality of the product management, and advanced algorithms procedures and hardware to ensure high reliability of the production process in strict accordance with the implementation of process parameters set, consistency is high; at the same time, the true record of the production process data and print it, and call access to the data at any time, as the production of policy-making departments to improve the quality of analysis and production process of reliable basis.

3) supporting production management to reduce the strength of workers to operate at the same time enhance the sense of responsibility workers; oil consumption modifier in mind is more accurate and convenient control of the cost of production and management.

Two pairs of modified asphalt of the basic requirements for automatic control system

Modified asphalt industry has its own unique environment, technology, equipment and other devices and the characteristics of the quality of personnel, only the combination of domestic modified asphalt industry's actual experience with the industry for the production of modified asphalt industry are unique, can be targeted to develop to adapt to the Chinese characteristics of automatic control system of the modified asphalt. Through market testing, modified asphalt can be drawn from the basic requirement of automatic control system.

1) controlled the whole operating system in the Chinese user interface, process-oriented design, no computer expertise, easy to operate.

2) The module structure design, system hardware, software controllable mesenchymal strong, higher reliability, especially for raw materials to enhance the rapid completion of this process, it is necessary to place the ball under the function of the use of PLC, at the same time the structural design of the system to consider the convenience of .

3) higher degree of automation, control equipment, low running cost and easy thing to have a higher consumption of the general (domestic easy to buy), to avoid the use of less popular products, so that the normal operation of the production of reliable guarantee of security.

4) The system should provide specific data output print device, with a complete record of the production data for testing and statistical analysis.

5) The production site should be the experience of day-to-day management of production equipment, control points and operational personnel in a reasonable division of the operation of different permissions from the root of the production process to ensure safe and reliable operation.

3 control

At present, the domestic production of modified asphalt level of control can basically be divided into four grades.

3.1 full manual operation mode

This approach is basically an early and small businesses in a way, its main characteristic is that for the manual valve on the temperature, pressure, liquid level and flow of the production of conventional analog signal to carry out decentralized collection instrument, and then focus on or at the scene show that the operator at the scene or on the main control panel to operate the start and stop equipment, valve operation by the workers to the scene. This way the production of modified asphalt implementation process parameters are not reliable, poor consistency, modified asphalt by the man-made factors, and labor intensity, and the main production equipment and devices can not work in a better state of raw materials with than inaccurate, intelligent instrument is now gradually being replaced and the automatic control system.

3.2 semi-automatic way

That is the way to manually control focus, it is to simulate the screen to represent the main characteristics of the use of pneumatic valves or electric automatic valves, such as data acquisition system to take such means as the process of collecting all kinds of traffic into the control room.

3.3 PC machine approach

The approach to the industrial PC machine for the representatives of the various process control signals at the periphery into the adoption of the corresponding transmitter in the PC-screen display of various parameters of the production process, while the control valves and pumps, motors and other equipment Commitment to meet requirements of production technology. However, the reliability of the system PC-poor, on the one hand, PC operating system as a result of poor reliability caused by the PC software on the other hand, as a result of their own imperfections caused by the phenomenon of cause of death.

Wooden screen of the system, the lack of general industrial configuration software script flexible control functions, while the safety of their own poor, it is difficult to establish an effective level and authority to operate the system vulnerable to viruses and malicious attacks operator. In addition, the poor scalability of the system, the control system without network composition, does not facilitate the next step in the management of the network and production plant network, can not effectively protect the plant investment in the long-term benefits, not to facilitate the entire workshop, the chain of control plants. At the same time as a result of the larger drift of the external device, the system control precision affected by the external environment to control the result is not satisfactory.

3.4 Distributed control

The way to control the use of advanced computer technology and multi-layer network architecture + advanced control algorithm for automatic control of production processes. PLC for the introduction of the main features for the next crew, in accordance with the process parameters and process requests for transmission measurement of pitch. Transmission measurement modifier weighing, mixing, grinding, financial expansion, a variety of heat pump heating, stirring motors, solenoid valves and switches, such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow monitoring, such as analog control, can record a complete production process data, in the touch screen or computer screen in the process valves, motor operation, while a variety of temperature gauge, valve failure, liquid level gauge to carry out sound and light alarm, and with "automatic" and "Manual" two states.

When the scene to process failure or manual intervention, can be switched to manual conversion, and implementation of various machinery for manual operation, so that technical staff can be re-set the new parameters, the operator at the scene to deal with urgent issues to achieve the desired results.  This control method is modified asphalt production control the direction of the mainstream of development, the main shortage is a relatively larger investment.

Modified asphalt through a comprehensive analysis process can be considered a major modification of the asphalt plant for the temperature - time type curve, such curve is a straight line from the composition of multi-line paragraph. Through modal document, in the control of PC-distribution method can be modified asphalt "visual control interface." The so-called visual control interface means operators can be selected on the computer screen mode and in the process control document at any time on these modal document about the key points up and down movement of the composition of the ideal process control curve, as long as the adjustment of a good process curve, the process will be carried out by setting a good curve.This image of intuitive interface, easy to operate, the specific details of the implementation process automatically by setting a good curve, visual control interface simplifies the complexity of control, to simplify the operator's computer skills requirements, many enterprises are welcome .

4 Development Outlook

Domestic production of modified bitumen over 10 years of automation and control history, the current domestic production of modified bitumen automatic control measures mainly concentrated in the transportation of raw materials, grinding mixing two phases, there are less than the majority: modifier broken into stages of the packaging need manual operation; self-controlled heat-conductive oil boiler installations and production line automatic control system of convergence problems with the interface standard and the change of different plants, if not a very good convergence of the total self-control system, you need to manually intervene in the production process, reducing the degree of automation .

With China's accession to the WTO, fully rely on a small manually modified asphalt production will be difficult for the large enterprise market, on the modified asphalt for the entire production process automation and control, and expand domestic production capacity is at this stage of the development of modified asphalt enterprise mainstream . Different equipment, different segments of the convergence between self-control system problems will receive greater attention, only to solve this problem, the entire assembly can be automated. In addition a full set of equipment of the organic integration of management systems will be modified asphalt of this emerging industry, to bring the level of production management to a new level, at the same time the operators have higher quality requirements.

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